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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider An Amazon Account for Your Business

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider An Amazon Account for Your Business

Amazon is the world’s second-largest company with a market cap of $266 billion and a revenue of over $177 billion in the last fiscal year. If your business is selling physical goods, you should consider an Amazon seller account to sell your products on their platform. An Amazon seller account can help your business grow in several ways — it provides access to millions of potential customers, and offers advanced tools for inventory management and marketing support. This article covers 4 reasons why you need an Amazon seller account for your business:

Amazon’s Reputation for Being a Trusted Platform:

Amazon has been growing as a trusted platform for over 20 years. They have also been investing in their brand and using their revenue to build out their infrastructure so that customers can have an even better experience. There are a few reasons for Amazon’s reputation for being a trusted platform. First, Amazon has a great return policy that is generous if you want to return something.

Their return policy has been helping customers trust their platform for the past 20 years. Second, they are a large company with lots of revenue — this means they can easily build out their infrastructure to meet the needs of their customers. Finally, Amazon has been investing in its third-party seller reputation system. People can rate the sellers they’ve worked with, and these ratings are shown on the seller’s page.

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This provides more information to help customers make better buying decisions. Amazon’s reputation for being a trusted platform has allowed them to expand into new markets.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) — Helping You Focus on Selling:

As a seller, you can take advantage of the Fulfillment by Amazon program. If your products are eligible for FBA, you will be able to send your products to Amazon and let them handle the rest. Eligible products are stored in Amazon’s warehouses and then fulfilled by Amazon. This includes picking and packing orders, shipping to customers, and providing customer service related to the order. FBA has several advantages for sellers.

First, it will help you stay organized and focused on selling while also expanding your reach to millions of customers. Second, you will be able to access Amazon’s fulfillment network and scale your business quickly.

Access to millions of customers and highly-targeted advertising:

Amazon will help get your products in front of millions of customers. They have a global customer base with over 300 million people visiting their websites each month. Fully 88% of Amazon customers are outside the United States. If your products are sold on Amazon, you will be able to target millions of customers around the world — particularly people who might not be familiar with your products. Amazon also has several advertising programs that will help you reach specific customer segments.

These include Sponsored Product Ads, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Product Links. Advertising on Amazon is flexible enough to allow sellers to target customers based on several factors, such as keywords, customer interests, and browsing behavior. Amazon’s advertising programs are highly sophisticated enough to understand that you are selling dog collars and recommend that you also show related products like dog treats.

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Advanced tools for inventory management and marketing support:

As a seller, you will have access to Amazon’s advanced tools for inventory management. They let you track inventory levels, receive alerts when items need to be reordered, forecast demand, and more. If you let Amazon handle the fulfillment of your orders, they will also track the inventory of your products in their warehouses. This can help you avoid overselling and running out of inventory. Amazon also has a number of services that are designed to help sellers sell more.

These include Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon Web Services. You can use Amazon Marketing Services to access Amazon’s product discovery platform, Shopability. This will help you discover new customers, understand their interests, and target them with ads. Amazon Advertising will help you target customers with pay-per-click ads that can drive sales. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help you run your business with cloud computing services that are built for scale.

Amazon’s FBA is helping the eCommerce industry at large:

One of the biggest problems for eCommerce sellers is that customers may not purchase the items that are available for purchase. In 2017, North American eCommerce sellers lost out on $63.4 billion in sales. Amazon’s FBA program is helping eCommerce companies solve this problem by allowing them to use Amazon’s fulfillment network.

This means that an eCommerce seller can send their inventory to Amazon. Once it arrives at their warehouses, Amazon will start to fulfill customer orders. This allows the seller to focus on their core competencies while letting Amazon handle the non-core aspects of selling.

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Bottom line:

Amazon’s FBA program gives sellers access to a sophisticated fulfillment network that can be used to sell other retailers’ products. This means that FBA is helping eCommerce companies solve the $63.4 billion sales loss problem. An Amazon seller account will give your business access to Amazon’s advanced tools for inventory management, millions of customers, and highly-targeted advertising. An Amazon seller account is a great way to grow your business.

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