How to make money as a content writer for Business Insider

how to make money as a content writer for Business Insider

“The thing that made our company stand out was the fact they always get the best writers, and we help them find that talent because we understand what makes their story unique.” — Dan McEleney, CEO of Gfycat

Business Insider is one of those web giants that has been around for years, but until recently, it mostly focused on helping small business owners gain better control over the things that motivate them. While there are many reasons for choosing Business Insider, I think its main point is to help people and businesses to know how to earn money from writing.

As a creator, you can work from home, and earn money right on your bed, or anywhere else in between, or create a full-time income from this source with an easy solution like Blogger’s Way (I see them every month!). At the same time, being able to write freely about a wide variety of topics will allow you to connect with like-minded fans, grow your brand’s reach, and get exposure from both traditional print media sources like magazines and news channels like YouTube!

Business Insider is known for some amazing articles and stories, along with great blog posts and video content. Its mission is to inspire profitable relationships with readers, businesses, and brands; therefore, it’s important that you put together a list of ways in which you could monetize the work you do. It’ll be a good idea to write pieces of advice that show how you can grow your online platform and even help others do so. You can also make a few bucks just by working with other creatives who already have a great following, or by simply posting your thoughts about ideas and products/services.

However, the truth is that if you are creating valuable content in a niche of any kind, then it shouldn’t be too hard to start earning a few small side hustles after it’s been proven that it works! Here are my top blogging tips to make money:

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1. Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

While it may seem counterintuitive at first, running your own dropshipping business is extremely lucrative and, when done right, has tons of additional benefits over using Amazon and eBay. One benefit of starting a dropshipping business is making passive income, which means that it doesn’t require you to pay yourself. This could make it easy to supplement your fixed income or take advantage of various subscription packages that come bundled with certain items. All you need is some extra cash in your pocket, to begin.

To run a successful dropshipping business, you need three key steps:

Create a website where you sell your goods and services Create an inventory list of all your goods and services Develop a process to automatically ship those items to customers

For example, let’s say you build a site that sells jewelry and watches. Then, you list some items to customers to help with making decisions on the products of choice. When your customer buys something, you take care of fulfilling orders that were placed beforehand. Once a client is happy, then you don’t need to worry about shipping them out yourself – instead, you take charge of doing that for the next order. With these processes built into your business, you’re likely to sell well and sell everything soon enough without waiting a long time for the next item on your list.

However, the key way to monetize your product list is through an affiliate program. By promoting other companies and selling them directly via your link back to the original product listing, you increase affiliate commissions that will eventually add up. And, since websites with higher traffic often experience higher sales than the competition, affiliate networks like Clickbank are perfect for sharing your product list!

2. Get An Email List From Google AdSense

Most people know that email lists can come in handy for paid advertising and marketing content. There are two types of email lists: Organic and Inbound. If you decide to use Inbound emails to market your business, be sure to use high-quality images and descriptions that are easy to read. However, if you want to generate an artificial income (i.e., get paid to write) then you should definitely consider organic and paid email lists.

Here are a couple of advantages of using Google AdSense as your ad provider:

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There are 2 million advertisers, so you’ll have to compete at a premium level, Google AdSense helps you connect your brand with the most relevant audience and offers a range of different ad formats

Google Adsense is completely free of cost, however, the minimum threshold for making money in Google AdSense is $100 and you can only make $10 per day. Most people spend less than $300 annually, but once you’ve reached a steady stream of revenue you’ll quickly hit $1,000 per year even without ads. If that sounds intimidating, remember that the average hourly earnings of a minimum wage worker working at a mere $8.80 a week. So, imagine how many potential clients you’ve had sitting idle.

3. Start Making Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the fastest-growing revenue streams online, and it’s very easy to earn the majority of it from selling an affiliate product or service through an affiliate network. However, that means you need to build trust and credibility with everyone involved in the sale. That can take much longer than you would think, and we’ve got some tips to help you out.

First, you should look for a reputable affiliate partner. Some of the easiest ways to attract affiliate partners are to join affiliate networks where they already have a large community of affiliates that already sell to each other. Also, search for affiliate programs that offer commission plans or set pay rates already. Again, these opportunities usually aren’t in the area of eCommerce, and you can easily find these deals within other industries too.

If possible, it’s best to go with an affiliate network that specializes in products or markets that match the kind of product or service you’re selling. These partnerships will allow you to generate passive income quickly and help make sure you don’t end up with products/services that have limited availability or even no supply.

Of course, you probably already know that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of monetization, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly how. 

4. Use Your Time Better Than Ever Before

When it comes to becoming wealthy online, you can’t simply rely on your skill set or ability to craft engaging headlines or captivating content. You need to put in the work and dedicate hours to consistently perform tasks that are important to generating any kind of passive income – from SEO, Video Editing, Content proofreading, creating videos too, or whatever else is required. But before you dive in and try a bunch of new jobs or freelance positions, think about what aspects of your life are causing you to feel stressed or unappreciated.

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Perhaps the biggest culprits are anxiety, depression, and sleep issues that cause you to feel tired or burnout early on – all of which can prevent you from applying for jobs that require creativity and empathy. Furthermore, if you keep comparing yourself to others who can make more money, then when you finally start seeing results, you might wonder why you just didn’t do anything differently. Instead, pay attention to the details of your life – and really get to know yourself the more you get to know yourself the easier it will be to change direction if only for the better.

5. Learn All About Online Video Creativity

YouTube is a hugely popular video platform, Anyone looking at the stats to understand just how big YouTube can be for creators can easily tell that it’s huge! According to Tubular Labs, 63% of US consumers say YouTube makes their job easier as a result. They are able to find thousands of creators, watch over 1 billion hours of vlogs, and become increasingly engaged with subscribers.

According to HubSpot, the Top 100 Social Media Influencers generated nearly £ 1 million in 2019, whereas 60% of influencers created approximately £500 to £1,000. More than half of the Top 100 Influencers are women, making up a significant portion of that pool of creative talents!

6. Make Extra Money From Reading Product Reviews

An excellent strategy to help boost your visibility to your target audience is to read reviews from your peers. Many marketers use reviews to bolster their own brands, so why wouldn’t you? Especially considering that almost 90% of buyers have reviews from friends and family when buying products from the Internet. But where should you focus? Do you choose to write, edit, proofread, or edit photos? Or, do you pick a topic you love and turn it into a book?

That’s why reading product reviews need to become part of your daily routine. Just think of it as having a conversation with your favorite coffee shop. 

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