The Simplest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

The Simplest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

Do You want to move to Canada or Have been Willing to Move to Canada, and you are from Nigeria? Or  You are a Nigerian who is currently in Canada (as a tourist, student, etc.) and considering your options for staying there Permanent? Or You are a Nigerian citizen who is currently residing abroad (for example, in the US, the UK, Australia, India, Ghana, etc.), but you want to immigrate to Canada. If Your Answer To All these Questions Is YES, Then This Article Is for You.

We all Known The Economic Situation Of this Country {Nigeria} And The High Rate Of Insurgency In The Country Of Which Nowhere Is safe Currently. I bring to you An Opportunity To JAPA to Canada Now.

Thousands of Nigerians immigrate to Canada each year, and the rate of immigration has been rising in recent years.

Nigeria ranked second in terms of citizenship among successful Express Entry applicants in 2019, just behind India.

12,595 Nigerians got permanent residency in Canada, and 11,985 received their education there. This is a huge rise from the 4,090 immigrants to Canada in 2015. According to Statistics Canada, there were roughly 42,430 Nigerians living in Canada in 2016.

What Are the Available Options for a Nigerian to Immigrate to Canada?

If you have the appropriate knowledge, moving to Canada is simple and legal. Human nature and ancient practices both include moving. You may have observed that individuals don’t just move. They do so for certain reasons. And foremost among them is:

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1. To flee violence: Those whose lives are in peril due to war or conflict are typically driven to seek out a tranquil living in another place. You might easily connect to this if you were a resident of the tormented region of Northern Nigeria.

2. In Nigeria, the most common motivation for emigrating is to escape poverty. Because of the nation’s high unemployment and poverty rates, thousands of Nigerians move to Canada each year.

Nigerians are migrating to nations that compensate their labor more handsomely, and Canada is a top choice.

3. To obtain better medical treatment Imagine residing in a nation where the medical staff and facilities are substandard and no one has faith in the healthcare system. Marriage, family reunions, and job possibilities are among more motives for moving.

4- To receive a high-quality education. The educational systems in Canada, the United States, and many European nations are among the best and cannot be compared to those in Nigeria. People with the resources to travel overseas have been motivated by the opportunity to receive a top-notch education.


An outline of some of the immigration options Nigerians can use to get permanent residency in Canada is provided below:

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): To be eligible to immigrate to Canada through the PNP program, you must receive a nomination from a Canadian province.  Provincial nominee programs enable the provinces and territories of Canada to choose immigrants from the economic class who meet their labor market demands. Candidates from Nigeria who want to live and work in a particular province or territory can apply for these programs.
  2. Express Entry – Canadian Experience Class: You must first immigrate to Canada as a temporary resident (for instance, by enrolling as a student here), and only then can you become a permanent resident.
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Family sponsorship: Family Sponsorship makes it reasonably simple for you to come to Canada if you have a family member who is already there. Your family member will act as your sponsor. Some provinces have systems where your siblings, cousins, friends, or other family members can sponsor you.

The list of family members who are eligible for family sponsorship is shown below:

>>>  Common-law partner and spouse

>>>  dependent spouse and children

>>>  Parents

>>>  Grandparents

>>> Nephews, nieces, granddaughters, and grandchildren who are orphaned, younger than 18, and not                               married or living with a common-law partner

>>> Another relative of any age or connection, but only under certain circumstances

However, the program’s sponsor must adhere to a number of conditions, which include:

  • must be at least 18 years old and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • As citizens of Canada, permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their family members even while they are outside of the country.
  • can comfortably meet the family member’s everyday demands and medical requirements for the required time.
  • must not have any criminal history.

4.  The Canadian government created the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program to welcome foreign nationals as permanent residents. The candidates are chosen based on their age, education, work history, English proficiency test score, adaptability, and job offers in Canada.

After the assessments, you can qualify for the program if you receive 67 points. The program’s appeal is that you may assess yourself to make sure you will receive a passing grade before spending time and money on the application procedure.

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5.   You can relocate to Canada if you can secure a job offer from a Canadian company. According to, over 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada yearly on temporary work permits.

The simplest sort of visa to obtain is a work permit because you won’t have to go through the same scrutiny as someone applying for a regular visitor or tourist visa. If you merely have an employment letter from a Canadian employer, it is practically certain.

Apply from Nigeria for a work permit in Canada:

Although it is difficult, it is completely feasible to receive a job offer from Canada. You just need to submit as many Canadian employers to your CV as you can. If you’re lucky, one of them will schedule a Skype interview with you, giving you the chance to promote yourself.

Following a positive interview, you would receive an employment contract to submit with your work visa application. The procedure for obtaining a temporary work permit for Canada from Nigeria is described below;

1- Secure a job by applying for jobs to Canadian companies through LinkedIn, indeed, CanadaJobs, and so on.

2- Employer applies for Labour market impact assessment. If successful then;

3- Employer sends an employment letter.

4- You apply for a temporary work permit at the Canadian embassy in Nigeria.

5- A work permit is issued.


We have examined the greatest ways to enter Canada lawfully so far. However, we want to be clear that we do not support unauthorized immigration to Canada. such as filing fake asylum claims or exceeding the permitted length of a visitor’s visa.

Such actions exacerbate the difficulty of obtaining a visa for other Nigerians who want to immigrate to Canada or go there on business or for leisure.

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