Top 10 Most Lucrative businesses and Services to Render in Africa

Top 10 Most Lucrative businesses and Services to Render in Africa

Africa (the content of the blacks) is obviously the world’s second-largest continent, also making it to the top list as the world’s second-most populous continent with an estimated population of 1.3 billion as of 2018. There are several opportunities for Africans.
Africa is very rich in natural resources, both minerals, and food resources. But with regard to Capital, Africa is the least Wealthy continent in the whole world (the concentration of wealth is vastly low and stagnant). And in this post, we will discuss Business opportunities in Africa

A larger percentage of Africans or people living in Africa are living under the average poverty line.
There are lots of people but fewer lucrative Jobs to offer. White-collar jobs are relatively scarce and difficult to procure… A lot of potential and skills go to waste. Whereas there are still small business ideas in Africa.

Job Hunting is undoubtedly one of the horrifying nightmares of every single responsible African, there are no Jobs, the population keeps rising, and sometimes the economy keeps depreciating.

More than half of the Continent’s population lives in undeveloped and underdeveloped rural settlements and slums… In those areas, the major occupations they often take up are:
– Farming
– Fishing
– Wildlife Hunting
– Trading
– Forestry and crafts.

This article’s purpose is to dig dip in and educate you on the skills and services and businesses to trade with, in order to make money and earn a decent living. so you will need to read this post about the Top 10 Most Lucrative businesses and Services to Render in Africa

Agriculture is undoubtedly the highest funding resource of Africa’s economy and the inhabitants’ personal finance, a lot of labor is required for its continuity. Hence, hiring people for manpower labor is undeniably one of the few opportunities both the educated and uneducated Africans get to enjoy.
Some venture into subsistence farming, while others go into commercial farming for vast income generation and economic comfort.
Still, the labor market is filled to its brim, even agricultural job opportunities tend to be lower than the available number of people willing to take up the jobs.

Top 10 Most Lucrative businesses and Services to Render in Africa.

With the aspiration to help tackle the continental pandemic, we’ll be using this article as a medium to give notes on the lucrative services to trade and make handsome returns.

1. Taxi driving.
2. Becoming a Barber.
3. Website designing.
4. Dry Cleaning.
5. Events planning and management.
6. Beauty enhancement services.
7. Gym instructor.
8. Poultry feeds and fish feeds supply.
9. Home tutor.
10. Delivery services.


    Uber and Bold Driving
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In the quest to compile the list of legitimate self-employment jobs that can fetch cool money, This portion definitely can’t be left out, Either it is part-time or full-time taxi driving, truck driving, Uber/Bolt driving, or bus driving.
You can earn a lot of money by taking up this as some side hustle… Some people might be new in town and need someone to drive them around town. You can help people convey goods, furniture, and appliances with your car and get paid some tips.

Being an Uber/bolt driver in Africa is certainly a high money fetching service one can render to earn a decent living, it involves taking ride orders, arriving at the point of the order, and conveying whoever the order came from to their desired destination. Although Bolt drivers get more money than Uber drivers because of the difference in the percentage range that both Tech Firms charge as their returns for each ride, the unarguable fact still remains that both are lucrative.



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Do you have a talent for giving nice haircuts??
Yes?!! Congratulations on possessing one of the best-selling skills in Africa. You can either decide to be a part-time barber or do it full-time by opening a barbershop, giving people pleasant haircuts, getting paid, and attain your financial freedom bit by bit.
A lot of men and some women interested in having haircuts are willing to spend a fortune just to get charming and cool haircuts, delivering their services perfectly to suit their tastes would definitely make them pay your price and have them coming back whenever they want a haircut.
The beautiful thing about this job is that it isn’t limited to just the male gender, it is a unisex job that can be taken up by women too.



Web Design
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Becoming a web designer is sure one of the sellable skills one can possess, one can make lots of money rendering this service.
Every kind of business enterprise whether small or large places huge importance on having a website for their co-operation… If you are endowed with vast knowledge about coding and digital structures, then you are fully set to be a web developer or a web designer which will undoubtedly fetch you a lot of money.
A website designer can easily hit it big, if consistent and vibrant in the field. More business co-operations will solicit for your services if you are good at what you do.

I strongly Recommend UDEMY for your learning process.



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Rendering dry cleaning services does bring in a lot of returns, all you have to do is wash clothes and every kind of fabric brought in as laundry, and clean.
This field requires effective and technical skills to avoid creating damage to fabrics and clothing materials brought in for cleaning.
Individuals within the status of high class and the middle class often request the services of a dry cleaner. Working-class individuals who barely have time to do their own laundry, and don’t want to request home services frequently require the services of a laundry person, hence, making the skill very sellable and lucrative.



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If you have technical knowledge, experience, and vast know-how about events and occasions, you can opt-in to be an event planner and make money off of it.
You can start up by getting your friends to make you plan their events just to check your event planning capabilities before proceeding to get outside clients’ interest.
This option could be made into a career or something you do at leisure, the Frontline is that it pays you handsomely if you do your thing well and commendably.



Beauty Enhancement
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This is one of the most lucrative and highly sought-after skills one can possess to make cool money in Africa. Rendering services like Hairdressing, Manicure/pedicure, and make-up artistry will earn someone a lot of money.
Every woman definitely wants to look good, whether wealthy, average, or poor… You get paid handsomely for rendering those services.
Topping these skills with the sale of beauty enhancement articles/products like artificial nails, lashes, wigs, and skincare products is icing on the cake, bringing you huge returns and cash.



Gym Instructor
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A lot of Africans are now interested in working out and participating in gymnastics and sporting activities for the purpose of fitness or beauty. Providing the services of an instructor to those people who are willing to get fit or attain their dream body, will earn you a lot of money… Doing this, you get to attain fitness and make wads of cool cash.



Poultry Farming and Fish
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You can make money by producing and supplying feeds for poultry live stocks and fishes, all you have to do is to get connected to poultry and aquarium managers, offer to supply them with the live stocks’ feeds, and you are all set to start making money by selling healthy and nutritious poultry and fish feeds.
The quality of the feeds you supply to your first batch of customers will determine the number of referrals and constant patronage you get.



Home Tutor
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Having the intellect to give tutorials and academic lessons to kids or students in their homes is a big win for someone in Africa. There are Special-care children that are mandated to be homeschooled instead of attending normal regular schools… There are also parents/guardians that want their kids to have extra mural lessons after school to boost their learning abilities and intelligence. These categories of people will pay eligible individuals handsomely to render the services of a home lesson teacher.



Delivery man
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Rendering the services of a courier in Africa is very legitimate and lucrative, one can make money by delivering goods, emails, products, foods, and other items to people’s houses/destinations.
Delivery services are often associated with people’s orders from stores, factories, restaurants, boutiques, or online marketing. Couriers are paid to convey ordered goods/products to Customers’ destinations.


Above are some legitimate and well-paying services one can render in Africa to earn money and get a decent living. If you enjoyed and find this article about the Top 10 Most Lucrative businesses and Services to Render in Africa relevant to you, please kindly drop your comments and share it with your family and friends.

N:B: All of those services can be rendered by both genders, none of those fields is gender restricted, You can read more articles on this blog about Business HERE.

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