Top 5 Fully Funded Canada Scholarship For Africans

Top 100% Fully Funded Canada Scholarship For Africans

#1 International Scholarship from the Government of Canada 2023

 Deadline: 1 November 2022
 Study in: Canada
 Provider: Government Of Canada
 Study Level: Masters, PhD, Postgraduate
 Subjects: Subjects offered by the university
 Funding Types: Partial Scholarships, Government Scholarships

Scholarship Overview:
The Government of Canada International Scholarship application session is currently open. Graduate students from throughout the world can apply for Canadian government scholarships in 2023. Highly educated graduates who want to study in Canada and conduct research that will benefit humanity will be given 166 scholarships in total. All international students who are also Canadian citizens or legal permanent residents are eligible for the scholarship.

This grant is available for Ph.D. programs, MA/Ph.D., MD/Ph.D., and master’s degrees that lead to PhDs. The Ph.D. program will be funded for three years by Canada. For our doctorate scholarship program, we’re seeking exceptional applicants with a record of academic achievement and strong leadership. Academic achievement, leadership potential, and research promise are the three key criteria used to award graduate scholarships.

Georges P. Vanier, a Canadian soldier and the first governor-general of the nation, formed the organization. The application procedure differs slightly from that of a typical scholarship application. People cannot apply on their own. If somebody wants to be nominated, they should get in touch with their research institute, or the institute may do it on its own.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

>> Through the Scholarship, a $50,000 annual prize will be given out for three years.
>> Students have the option to attend any Canadian university of their choosing.

Eligibility for the scholarship:
The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible to apply for a Government of Canada International Scholarship:

Universities submit applications and applicants must follow the rules.
>> You can apply if you’re a foreigner, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada.
>> They must be obtaining their first Ph.D.
>> Furthermore, only one university or institute may submit a nomination for them.
>> The applicant must have the intention to enroll in a full-time Ph.D. program over the summer or the next academic year after the results are published.
>> Candidates for the Ph.D. degree must have finished it in no more than twenty months of full-time study (as of 1 May 2022).
>> For Ph.D. programs, there are no additional financial aid options, grants, or scholarships.
The last two years of full-time study for candidates must have resulted in a first-class average in each of those years.

>>candidates cannot be in receipt of any fellowships or scholarships from SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR at the time of application.

Required Documents For the Scholarship:

  • Declarative Leadership
  • Utilizing the ResearchNet application,
  • two letters of recommendation,
  • participation in research
  • A research proposal should be Provided.
  • citations to the project
  • Transcript,
  • CV.


Research Areas:

  • Health Science
  • Natural science and engineering
  • Social science and humanities.


#2 Microsoft Internship Program 2022, Fully Funded

 Deadline: 31 December 2022
 Study in: Canada, United States of America
 Provider: Microsoft
 Study Level: Short Courses, Internship
 Subjects: All Subjects
 Funding Types: Fully Funded Scholarships

Scholarship Overview:
Applications for the Microsoft Internships Program 2022 can be submitted online. Student interns from all across the world are welcome at Microsoft. Bring just your original thoughts, viewpoints, and enthusiasm! Bill Gates serves as Microsoft’s CEO. And the Breaking News is that Bill Gates is no longer ranked fourth among the world’s richest people. Indian tycoon Gautam Adani now occupies the fourth position. This follows Bill Gates’ announcement last week that he would be giving $20 billion of his wealth to Bill & Melinda Gates, his non-profit organization. Anyhow, any international candidates can apply online for internships with Microsoft.

The Microsoft Summer Internships are available to current undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and doctoral students. Internships are available across all job families and problem areas. Microsoft will pay for every expense. Depending on the location and type of assignment, the internship lasts a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months.

Scholarship Advantages:
The Microsoft Summer Internship will be distinctive and highly advantageous. You will benefit from the following as an intern:

Relocation benefits include a travel allowance,
>>competitive pay/monthly salaries.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Student interns from all across the world are welcome at Microsoft.
  • The Microsoft Summer Internships are available to current undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and doctoral students.
  • You must be a full-time student majoring in a relevant field who will be attending university or college for at least one term, semester, or quarter after your internship period in order to be eligible for consideration for an internship.

Careers in Internship:
Opportunities for internships differ depending on region and/or educational degree. We provide internship opportunities in the following fields, not just one or two.

  • Engineering (Software Engineer, Program Manager, Product Planning, Programmer Writer, Technical Writer, Services Engineering)
  • Hardware Engineering
  • UX Design
  • Supply Chain
  • Data and Applied Science
  • IT Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Services (Consultant, Support Engineer, Technical Account Manager, Technical Evangelist)


#3 Canadian International Scholarships at Algoma University

 Deadline: 16 September 2022
 Study in: Canada
 Provider: Algoma University
 Study Level: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
 Subjects: Subjects offered by the university
 Funding Types: Partial Scholarships

Scholarship Overview:

Applying for the International Baccalaureate Scholarships will improve your academic experience and teach you new skills. Algoma University provides the program.

This Algoma University International Scholarship program’s goal is to increase the number of international students and persuade them to think about enrolling in classes there.

Algoma University has been a teaching- and student-focused institution that focuses on liberal arts, sciences, and professional degree programs since its founding in 1965. It is among the top 19 universities in Ontario. It provides a range of degree programs.

Scholarship Benefits:

34+ $5000
31 – 33 $2500
28 – 30 $1000

Scholarship Qualification:

  • For consideration for an unconditional admission scholarship, International Baccalaureate students must present certified transcripts and evidence of their IB diploma.
  • All nationalities are eligible for this Algoma University International Scholarship. Eligible Countries
  • Courses or Subjects Acceptable: Undergraduate degree programs in any discipline.
  • The following qualifying requirements must be met by candidates in order to be considered:


How to Apply: International students may use our application portal or the OUAC 105 portal to submit their applications directly to Algoma University from abroad.
supporting records All copies of transcripts, including those from secondary school, post-secondary education, and any related diplomas or degrees, must be submitted. Applicants who have been out of school for more than two years must submit documentation describing their recent professional background in the form of a gap letter or gap explanation.

Admission Requirements: Before applying for admission, students must confirm that they meet the entry requirements for the program they have selected.

International students must provide proof of their English language proficiency in order to enroll at Algoma University.


University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship for African Students in Canada 2022-2023

 Deadline: April 30, 2022
 Study in: Canada
 Provider: University of Ottawa
 Study Level: Undergraduate Degree
 Subjects: Subjects offered by the university
 Funding Types: Fully Funded Scholarships and Taken Online

The University of Ottawa’s description:
One of the most helpful universities for students who want to excel and learn about their chosen field of study is the University of Ottawa. Additionally, it offers master’s degree, doctoral, and graduate diploma programs that are based on coursework.

Why enroll in classes at the University of Ottawa? About 450 graduate and undergraduate programs are offered by the university. Both English and French are used to teach students here. It also enables the students to acquire first-rate education and real-world experience. Here, you’ll discover chances for development, success, and reward that will enable you to realize your entire potential.

Brief Description of the Entrance Scholarship for African Students in Canada 2022-2023 Academic Session:

  • Institution of the Scholarship: University of Ottawa
  • Departments For the Scholarship: Faculties of Engineering, Science, or Social Sciences.
  • Degree Level Available for the Scholarship: Undergraduate Degree
  • Mode of Applying For the Scholarship: Online Application
  • Number of Scholarships: Not Provided
  • To be Taken at Canada

Eligibility Conditions:

  • Students from African nations are eligible.
  • Undergraduate degrees will be granted in the faculties of engineering, science, or social sciences. Eligible Courses or Subjects: available from the university.
  • The following requirements must be met by candidates in order to be eligible:
  • Upon enrollment, this grant will be immediately awarded to all qualifying students. It will be directly deducted from their tuition costs.
  • They can enroll in either your English or French courses at the University of Ottawa or both. You have a choice! You’ll need to show that you speak the language you’ve chosen to study adequately well.
  • The Applicant must be an International Student.
  • Candidates must hold a high school diploma from an institution with academic accreditation.

Scholarship Value:
Depending on the program, the University of Ottawa will support their education and lower their tuition costs by $12,000 to $20,000 for them.

Application Guidelines

  • How to Apply: In order to apply for the opportunity, students must take admission to the undergraduate degree program at the University of Ottawa.
  • Supporting Documents: Applicants must submit all previous schools’ academic transcripts to the university


#5 International University of Toronto Scholarships in Canada with Full Funding.

 Deadline: 30 November 2022
 Study in: Canada
 Provider: University Of Toronto
 Study Level: Bachelor, Undergraduate
 Subjects: Subjects offered by the university
 Funding Types: Fully Funded Scholarships

Scholarship Overview
The University of Toronto International Scholarship 2023 in Canada – U of T Lester B Pearson Scholarship is now accepting applications. At the University of Toronto, the Lester B Pearson International Student Scholarship will be presented. The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship in Canada is open to all international students from all around the world. Candidates are encouraged to apply if they intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in Canada. This grant is open to students in all academic disciplines and majors.

This Canadian Scholarship is intended for students pursuing a four-year undergraduate degree in Canada. The University of Toronto will provide undergraduate degrees to students. The full cost of studying abroad will be covered by the scholarship.

Canada’s Ontario is home to the 1827 establishment of the University of Toronto. It is a publicly funded research facility. The country of Canada’s first higher education institution. Many leaders have come from this university. It is ranked first in the nation and 25th overall in the QS World University Rankings. Students are provided with a high-quality education at the university, among other things.


Scholarship Advantages:
The following expenses for all international students will be covered by the University of Toronto International Scholarship in Canada. Do so by looking below.

  • health coverage throughout the program.
  • Complete Accommodation Support for 4 Years
  • Books will be available.
  • Tuition fees will be Fully Funded by the university.

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

The University of Toronto International Scholarship has a very straightforward eligibility requirement for international students studying in Canada.

>>  International Student Required (Non-Canadian).

>> Applicants of all nationalities are welcome.

>> A secondary school graduate who is either in their final year or who has graduated no earlier than June 2022.

>> The applicant must be able to attend the University of Toronto’s start of classes in September 2022.

Unlike other international scholarships, the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship has a unique application procedure. When submitting an application for this scholarship program, follow these steps:

> Inform your institution to submit your name for this scholarship.
>> Register for a University of Toronto undergraduate program.
>> Apply for the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship for International Study online. The university will only send this form to students who have completed the first two processes.

Application cutoff date:

When submitting your scholarship application, bear in mind the following dates.

>> The nominating student must submit their application by 30 November 2022.
>> The OUAC application must be submitted by December 14, 2022.
>> Deadline for Pearson Scholarship: January 16, 2023.

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